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We proudly carry the products and services below. Please call us today for a consultation or to get started on one of our programs or treatments.
Veralex is the answer to the dilema of choosing to be bald or choosing to have hair.

  • Veralex is natural
  • Veralex is real
  • Veralex is scalable
  • Veralex is adaptable
  • Veralex is remarkable

Laser Hair Restoration Therapy™ (LHT) (also called laser light hair therapy) is a new, non-surgical, scientific approach to aiding in the treatment of hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems. LHT is medically tested and proven to be safe and effective.

An alternative treatment for men and women with thin and thinning hair

The ReGen System is a hair and scalp product regimen designed to improve and correct the scalp and hair conditions of men and women suffering the ill effects of thin and/or thinning hair.

Its purpos is to promote thicker, healthier hair, and when applicable, reduce excessive hair loss and encourage hair growth in healthy, vibrant hair follicles.
The Regen system

French style in a hair graft, Elan is an entirely new concept in hair grafts, inspired by the finest Parisian hair restoration salons.
  • You don't have to go to Paris for Elan non-surgical hair restoration
  • The difference is in the Elan graft itself
  • Change your style with today's styles.
  • It all starts with the hairline.

Methode Trapeze
Nothing less than the liberation of women from the tyranny of hair loss

Free at last!
  • Freedom from scarves
  • Freedom from hats
  • Freedom from belittling hairstyles
  • Freedom from the teasing combs
  • Freedom from "hair growing" remedies
  • Freedom from machine-made wigs

Once you have Renew! applied, you'll instantly see what we mean: First, you won't believe the difference in your appearance. Second, you'll be amazed at how Renew! can look and feel so natural.

With Renew! you're you again.

Our 100% Remi hair progressions give length, volume, and thickness to the woman who is either looking for more hair, a greater range of styles, or maybe just a new look. And with our 'hair friendly' progressions, all that and more is easily achieved.
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